Blue Scrubby Soap Saver Pouch
Blue Scrubby Soap Saver Pouch
Blue Scrubby Soap Saver Pouch
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Blue Scrubby Soap Saver Pouch

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100% Cotton & Sample soaps are included with every order from Charcoal & Rose petals*

Handmade & Crocheted

Place the soap into the cozy, pull drawstring to close, and use as a washcloth/loofah. Fits most soap sizes - soap can also be cut down to fit into cozy if it is too big

Makes it easy to hold the slippery soap as well as easy to hang and use. 

Best features: Washable, Reusable & Zero waste!

If you have any specific order requests, please feel free to message me


*Affiliate link: If purchased through this link you will receive $15 off your first order as well as a small commission goes to me. You do not have to spend any extra to earn this $15 off coupon. I have tested Charcoal & Rose Petals' products myself and 100% support this business. I do not promote anything that I do not believe in!*

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